Healthy Meal of the Week 12 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Sound Meal of the Week: Orange Chicken, Brown Rice and Broccoli

Remaining Idea: Orange Chicken Bowl

I was swung on to Panda Express two or three years back and I began to once in a while taste the Asian cooking occasionally. I need to concede my most loved feast to get is orange chicken with hamburger and broccoli alongside dark colored rice. These two are among the more beneficial decisions accessible at Panda Express and for those of you that get Chinese sustenance every now and then, I’m certain these two choices are in all probability offered at your spots.

Entertaining thing is, to make orange chicken at home, it’s not troublesome on the off chance that you can discover the fixings at your neighborhood general store. I followed work to my neighborhood Vons to search for the fixings to make an orange coated sauce I found on the Internet which utilizes maple syrup, orange get-up-and-go, coconut aminos, and a couple of different things. However since they didn’t offer orange get-up-and-go the orderly guided me to a walkway with Asian flavors. Incredibly I found a couple of jugs of orange sauce made by various organizations, one even by Panda Express which I extremely needed to attempt, however rather decided on a sans gluten alternative. We’ll perceive how it goes.

You’ll discover when you join orange chicken with dark colored rice and broccoli, you will have a feast that is solid and one that is effectively versatile so you can bring with you to lunch for the next day.

Another intriguing thought I’m trying today is a pack of “Prepared Rice”. This specific brand I obtained by Uncle Ben’s is characteristic entire grain dark colored rice that cooks in the microwave in 90 seconds. I know my folks utilize this alternative to spare time as well as since the rice cooks in its own particular compartment, tidy up is just discarding the pack when it’s vacant. No scouring, no washing, no dishes to do. We’ll perceive how this looks at to general darker rice. The main drawback to this rice is that a pack which likens to two measures of rice costs $2.29 which is very steep when you contrast that with purchasing general rice clinched.

Hardware Needed

– container/skillet for cooking chicken

– pot for broccoli

– microwave for prepared rice


(6 servings)

– 2 pounds boneless chicken bosoms

– 1 pack solidified broccoli (or new in the event that you incline toward)

– 1 bottle Orange Sauce

– 1 pack Whole Grain Brown Ready Rice

seasonings salt, pepper, garlic powder, and 1 tbsp margarine

For Leftover Orange Chicken Bowls:

– Plastic travel holder


1. The first and most imperative part of this dinner is the chicken. It likewise is the part that takes the longest to plan so how about we deal with that first. You can cut the chicken into little lumps heretofore which will spare you cooking time, be that as it may it might be more hard to flip every individual piece each 3-4 minutes of cooking time. I chose to cook the boneless chicken bosom entire and cut into lumps a short time later. I made a length-long cut into the chicken to enable it to cook snappier, yet that still enabled me to flip the piece effortlessly. Remember to add your seasonings you need to incorporate. For this illustration prepared salt, pepper, garlic powder, and a sprinkle of oregano was utilized.

2) While chicken is about completed you can heat up the water to use for the broccoli pieces. In the event that coveted include a tablespoon of margarine and a sprinkle of prepared salt for enhance. When water is bubbling include the broccoli and let bubble for 8-10 minutes.

3) Once the chicken is almost got done with cooking, expel from dish and cut into little nibble measured pieces. When you have all the chicken cut and diced, put once more into the container and include the orange sauce. Begin with a little measure of sauce since it will be less demanding to include all the more later if require be. Blend the sauce into the chicken pieces keeping heat on medium/low. When you have the coveted measure of sauce with the chicken pieces enable the blend to cook/stew for another 8-10 minutes mixing sometimes.

4) Last yet not slightest, for the Ready Rice sack every one of that should be done is to tear open the side and force the corner back 2 inches. You don’t have to include any water. Basically stand the pack erect in the focal point of your microwave and cook on high for 90 seconds. Astounding as it sounds, the rice turned out tasting splendidly not very dry and not very wet.

5) Serve a fitting bit of rice, broccoli, and orange chicken. On the off chance that there is sauce remaining in the dish, you might need to pour several spoonfuls either over the chicken or the rice contingent upon your inclination and how well you like your sustenance enhanced. Appreciate!

Extra Meal Idea: Since you have every one of the fixings to influence a superbly tasting orange chicken to bowl, how about we simply ahead and do that. What makes this feast so awesome for lunch is that everything is basically hurled into a plastic travel compartment so there is truly not one single additional thing you have to do other than microwave it at work in the event that you need. So hurl in a scoop of rice alongside some broccoli, include some orange coated chicken and even a spoonful of additional sauce to finish everything, cover and store in your cooler until tomorrow.

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